Program and Curriculum

Support program and curriculum that promote the core values of diversity, inclusivity, and cultural competency, ensuring all members of the Parker community are valued and respected.



Embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Ensure that diversity, inclusivity, and cultural competency are integrated into the classroom culture, teaching practices, and content.

  • Adopt and promote our diversity and inclusion statement.

  • Engage faculty and staff in ongoing review of inclusive teaching and learning practices, with an exploration of content and curriculum.

  • Provide speakers, forums, and professional development opportunities on diversity and inclusion.

  • Further develop and support student diversity leadership groups.

  • Update annually the Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

  • Remain current on matters of diversity and inclusion.

Follow the five (5) major recommendations from the 2016 Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) Survey findings captured in the Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

  • Implement the five (5) major recommendations from the AIM survey.

Recruitment and Retention

Emphasize the recruitment and retention of highly qualified students, faculty, staff, and Board members from diverse socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.



Double the number of school partnerships whose mission is to support historically underserved demographics.

Increase the percentage of students of color from 32% to 40%, and double the percentage of African-American and Latino/a students by 2020.

Update annually guiding principles and track demographics of all applicants, ensuring racial and gender diversity in hiring.

  • Develop and review annually an outreach plan that focuses on the recruitment and retention of a broad and diverse range of qualified students.

  • Ensure racial and gender diversity is a guiding principle in the recruitment and retention of highly qualified faculty, staff, administration, and trustees.

  • Track and benchmark socio-economic, racial, and ethnic diversity data for enrollment purposes.

  • Track and benchmark regional, racial and ethnic diversity data for recruiting, hiring, and retaining faculty and staff.

  • Note any attrition of families receiving financial assistance.

Maintain percentage of students receiving financial assistance at 20%, and increase socio-economic diversity in all three divisions.

Ensure that Parker financial assistance budget covers the full cost of attendance.


  • Update annually the full cost of a Parker education.

  • Remove financial barriers (cost of admissions testing and admissions fee) preventing families from applying.

Double the number of students attending Summer Program from underrepresented communities by 2020.

  • Expand existing summer outreach programs (e.g., Weickart Scholars) aimed at recruiting historically underserved students.