Identity and Branding


As far as the mind can see

Market a comprehensive plan to heighten Parker’s visibility and strengthen its identity.



Elevate the position of the Parker “window” as a metaphor concept, “as far as the mind can see” tagline as a conceptual message, and the mascot as a visual representation that drives future marketing campaigns and tethers annual marketing campaigns.

Heighten brand identification.


  • Stay true to School identity and connect to the mission statement in all messaging.

  • Ensure long-term consistency in messaging of the window, tagline, and mascot.

  • Develop a brand message (descriptive explanation and strategy) that illustrates the tagline on a deeper level.

Core values embodied in the mission statement are known to all key stakeholders.


  • Capture at least one of Parker’s core values in all key messaging: academic excellence; character education; inclusive community; global citizenship.

Parker’s website is repositioned as the primary marketing platform for prospective families.

The parent portal serves as the primary internal communication tool.

  • Update website sections for arts, athletics, admissions, and for all School divisions.

  • Offer ongoing parent access, information, and support.

  • Solicit parent feedback through surveys, town hall meetings, focus groups, etc., measuring the impact of Parker communication efforts.

Elevate mission and reputation, exemplify the School’s core values, and reflect the strengths of a Parker education.


  • Provide no fewer than 20 compelling stories annually in Parker collateral, website, and magazine.

  • Attention to stories that include a connection to the relationship between philanthropy and student outcomes.

  • Attention to stories that convey strong relationships between students and faculty/coaches/staff.

Consistent branding and messaging across all platforms and collateral material with attention to delivery, timing, and methods that service the Parker community.

  • Marketing and Communications Office serves as a clearinghouse and service provider, ensuring consistency of Parker image, style, and brand.

  • Ensure consistent branding and messaging across all communication and marketing platforms.

  • Develop, coordinate, and deliver an annual production calendar of internal and external communications.

Families experience a seamless integration into the Parker community and between divisions.

  • Oversee the multi-faceted, cross-divisional onboarding process to orient new-to-Parker and new-to-division families.